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Electrical Service in Tucson, Arizona (AZ)

Commonwealth Electric Company of the Midwest is a Southern, AZ firm offering electrical service, construction service, electrical engineering, and more.  In addition to providing commercial and industrial electrical service in Tucson, and Southern, AZ we are known nationally. We are electricians and electrical engineers with an established track record. Lauded for our innovative designs, for the many commercial and industrial projects we’ve worked on, as well as our commitment to excellence in electrical engineering and safety, we are happy to talk to you about your electrical service needs.

Located in Southern, AZ, we serve the whole country. Whether it’s design and build, service and maintenance, construction services, or other elements of electrical service you need, Commonwealth Electric Company of the Midwest has an excellent reputation.


Check out our electrical service project portfolio and see some of the many projects we’ve worked on, from lighting to power metering, to solar and infrared scanning, and beyond.


We have a 24/7 emergency crew available, too, ensuring that emergency repairs or maintenance services that need to happen outside normal business hours can be handled safely, quickly, and efficiently.

A Nationwide Electrical Contractor

Do you want to learn more about how we can help with your commercial or industrial electrical service project? Would you like to learn more about our process, our team, and our capabilities?


We would be pleased to discuss our services, our rigorous safety and training standards, and talk about your project. Whether you need us for repairs or routine maintenance or are looking to leverage our electrical engineering services for innovative designs, we aim to exceed your expectations.

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